Paper Sculpture Art – 30 Amazing Designs

paper sculptures

When we think about paper sculpture, the first thing that comes to mind is origami.

Origami is the famous Japanese art of paper folding, or papercrafting, an art form old of centuries, as the oldest known origami dates back to the 6th century A.D.

So as we have seen the concept of creating art with cut paper is very old, and with the invasion of the graphic design world by digital tools like Photoshop, this form of art has become some way put aside.

As many times happens, the new comes in and the old just disappear, or at least is swept under the rug.

That’s the case until a bunch of intrepid artists decided to merge modern design with an ancient tecnhique and revive an old form of art.

In fact, paper craft is not going away anytime soon.

Today we showcase the work of some of the best paper sculpture artists, with the hope of inspiring more people to engage in this ancient art form.

The first artists we’re going to show are Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann, a couple of young designers based in France:

 world paper sculpture
 world origami
 paper train station
 paper sculpture
 paper folds
 paper folding
 paper craft
 gameboy origami
 dslr origami

Another great papercraft artist is Bert Simons (yes, that’s a paper-portrait of himsef!):


Brian Dettmer is the author of this amazing paper-crafted books:


Complex architectural design by Ingrid Siliakus:


Su Blackwell:


Simon Schubert:


Jen Stark:




Origami Koi:


Quite amazing, isn’t it ?

If you want to learn how to make beautiful paper sculptures you only need two things: a lot of paper, and a good book with fundamental paper sculpture lessons and techniques.

Good luck and if you do anything nice, please post the picture of your creation in the comments!

Paper sculpture art


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