Best Concept Cars and Future Vehicles of 2012

future vehicles

Today we present you a collection of some of the best concept cars and future vehicles designed in the year 2012!

Not all of these concepts will become actual future vehicles, but they still are a nice source of inspiration to see what the future will look like.

So let’s start this showcase of futuristic designs with this Honda CHP Drone Squad designed by Jason Wilbur, Eddie Birtulescu and Raj Rihal:

future vehicles

The MOOBY Bike (short for “mobility”), is a futuristic bike designed by Madella Simone:

future bike
 project bike

The Hot Wheels Urban Shredder is a 24-Volt Battery-Powered vehicle that can go to speeds up to 10 miles per hour:

 future rider

Wesp Jetski is a futuristic jetski designed by Daniel Bailey:

 future jetski
 futuristic jetski

This amazing vehicle is alsready in production and will be available in the next months.

The Apollo E-Bike is a folding bike with a detachable 260Wh LiFePO4 battery, a 250W In-wheel Motor and a Dynamo.

This nice electric folding bike has been designed by Pedro Almeida and Ricardo Fonseca:

 folding bike
 folding bike

The ARAC ZXS is a futuristic motorcycle designed by Marko Petrovic. It has a ultra light aluminum chassis and a powerful v-twin motor:

 future motorcycle
 futuristic motorcycle

Pininfarina Chords Concept is a future vehicle designed by Giampiero Sbrizzi.

The design of this amazing concept car has been inspired by music and equipped with the best technologies around:

 pininfarina concept
 pininfarina concept

Shark marine craft is a futuristic vehicle that moves like shark! Designed by Aguila Design:

 shark craft
 shark craft

The ATV 4WD Concept is a ATV designed by Marcos Ignacio Madia:

 future atv
 futuristic atv

And that’s all for today, stay tuned for more!

Future Vehicles


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